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Talant Technology
About us
We have 7 years of IT Developing, the company has an opportunity to understand the recruiting process better. For the last 2 years we focus on the creation of IT Dev teams for companies from all over the world.

RaaS is a new format which helps companies hiring remote specialists faster, easier and cheaper
Ways to hire it specialists
Create recruitment
Search recruitment
Publish your job opportunity
on the internet and wait
RaaS Talant Technology
We provide "Recruiter as a Service" to process your hiring. You don't need to waste your time on hard sourcing processes.
Our Process
Step 1.
Sign a contract

You sign a contract and send your requirements to us, we start working on your needs.
Step 2.
Recruiter on-boarding

We add your HR member to our system. Create all the documents needed (Job Description, requirements, interview process) and start immediately sourcing the candidate.
Step 3.
Search for the candidates and manage interviews

1. We search for the candidates and manage some initial interviews, including technical interviews

2. We add the best candidates to our "Short List" in the system.

3. You check the CV, interview feedback and candidate's portfolio.

4. Candidates are ready to be interviewed by your company, just book a call with them
Save up to 80% of you hiring costs with our recruiter as a service product
Prices and Guarantee
We guarantee
– more than 4 Middle developer matched every week
– more than 3 Senior developer matched every week
– more than 2 Team Leaders matched every week
* If we not find minimum quantity developers, the week will be free for you
**Also you can replace your recruiter and get this week free
*** All the developers meet B1+ English level at least
**** Of course, all of our developers have required hard skills
Our Technologies
1. We connect LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack-overflow databases in one to search better and more precisely;
2. We use AI to score GitHub profiles;
3. We monitor every two week the changes of profile developers to understand who are open now to accept new job offers;
4. We have automation software to communicate with developers in LinkedIn, Facebook and by Email. We have CRM system, recruiter are able to contact and assess potential candidates at scale
5. We use Ads, such as Google, Instagram, Facebook to show jobs and get responses from candidates
6. We aggregate about 50 web portals to post job automatically in one click
Feel free to contact us!

Just choose your time slot on the calendar, we will answer your questions
Book a Call
Get Free Week
For the test 1 week period you will get:
– Created all promo materials (job descriptions)
– Sourcing process configurations to hire exactly what you need
– Get your first candidates
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