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International recruitment it-company
- We hire only it-specialists;
- We work in Russia, Europe and the USA;
- our recruiters = developers;
- proprietary database and software for automation;

Salary of the candidate
Market Salary
Market Salary Affects Hiring Conversion
Hiring Conversion
The hiring conversion rate is usually 10% It is an empirical estimate (from above), which means that on average, for every 10 applicants, one position is filled
🔑 Format 1 - Turnkey Hiring (payment for results)
Number of vacancies
The cost of the service
by means of own technologies (database and automation tools). We try to keep the cost of the service low
0 % of the annual salary
Total: 0 EUR
🕵️ Format 2 - Recruiter for hire (RaaS)
Number of vacancies
Total: 0 EUR
In 2 weeks: 0 EUR
⚡️ Format 3 - Cand Generation
Number of leads
Often a job is closed in two or three interviews with qualitatively selected candidates.
One candidate price
The amount has an upper limit, The cost cannot be higher than "turn-key hiring".
Total 0 EUR
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